Audit &Assurance

Audits assure the stake holders and management that their accounts are reliable and internal controls framed are operating efficiently. We at MNCO offer specifically designed audits within the scope of statutory audits or as part of a dedicated management audit role.

A multi-skilled team with experience in taxation, accounting and business management conducts the audits with latest methods and information system tools. Our business approach focuses on understanding the client's business beyond the accounting system. This proactive demeanor is designed to identify problems and opportunities from a management and commercial perspective.

The broad-based experience of the team can often lead to the identification of opportunities in areas such as tax savings, improved efficiency, cost control, or organizational duplication which can have a substantial effect on profitability.

Our Audit &Assurance Services includes:


Tax experts at MNCO provide advice on direct and indirect tax obligations arising out of domestic and international transactions with the focus to optimize tax structure that are completely in line with your business goals.

For high net worth individuals &expats, our MNCO team can assist with remuneration planning and structuring of investments.

We provide tax-planning solutions, and we believe in today’s global economy, effective tax planning &advice can give your company a competitive advantage over your competitor.

Our Tax Compliance Service covers:

Corporate Advisory &Consulting Services

Successful business enterprises have been built over the foundation of good decision making. Many a times enterprises feel the need for someone to be by their side and assist them in taking the right step forward.

We at MNCO, offer you advice which is not only transaction based but also takes in to account the long term interests and objectives of all stakeholders.

We believe in assisting the client in making the most of emerging business opportunities, supporting them with imaginative yet practical solutions and are always by their side to translate their ideas to realities.

Understanding not only your business requirement but also your business perspective is what sets MNCO apart.

Our Corporate Advisory &Consulting Services includes:

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)

MNCO provides KPO services to offshore accounting firms and corporates, and enable them unlock their top-line growth by outsourcing their core work and to preserve and increase their competitive advantage.Our competencies include accounting and preparation of tax returns. We use standard software package and deploy time tested methodologies to deliver comprehensive solutions on time.

MNCO through its qualified and trained staffs ensures delivery of top quality services to its clients

Our service offerings include the following:
1.Accounting Services:2.Preparation of tax returns

Trained Team Lease

MNCO is also an offshore and onshore team leasing provider. We cater to companies that are interested to take advantage of our qualified staff capabilities both in India and globally. It is our aim to deliver cost-effective staff leasing services that meet and exceed client expectations. We combine our highly-skilled staff with innovative technologies, to ensure that our clients have a team of efficient staff working for them that allows them to focus on business development and higher margin business activities.

The process involves letting our staff handle your routine tasks across bookkeeping;administration;management reporting etc. Additionally;this enables clients to set up of a virtual team and enjoy operational flexibility.

The salient features of this service are:

At MNCO, we train our employees to remain competitive. This practice ensures they maintain a strong work ethic while allowing them to grow personally and professionally. We continuously motivate our staff so they enjoy working in our company and with our clients. Every staff is managed by a supervisor or a project manager to maintain work efficiency,quality and client satisfaction.